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We are committed to helping you read more and read well by choosing excellent books and providing thoughtful resources to guide your reading and monthly discussions. It’s our passion to encourage women to make space for reading and reflection in their daily lives.

A few years into this great endeavor we’re convinced that women can thrive when they have a place where they can come together to share what they are learning through their reading. Becoming a Well-Read Mom member means not only having excellent resources at your fingertips to deepen your reading, but supporting this place that seeks to educate and nurture women. Here’s what you receive when you join as a member:

• Each year, after thoughtfully considering the books we’ll read, we round up author biographies, original reflections, and discussion questions to fuel your monthly group conversations and compile them in the Reading Companion.

• The monthly audios (think of them as mini-podcasts) serve to jumpstart your group discussions and introduce the books we’re reading.

• We also compile conference talks, readers’ letters, interviews, and inspiring articles to enrich your reading experience and share them with you. This content bundle may include podcasts, PDF’s, and print pieces.

We want as many women as possible to read along with us and so membership is not required in order to participate in a Well-Read Mom group. We do want you to know, however, that when you join as a member, your contribution funds everything we do: from designing to mailing our materials, as well as producing audio and online resources, covering website maintenance, renting office space, and much more.

So, if you participate in a group, please consider joining! The more members we have, the more we can keep the costs down and offer scholarships to those with a real need.

In case you’re curious, the monthly cost of a one-year WRM membership is less than $3.25. Every dollar committed to Well-Read Mom is essential to our operating budget and to our ability to accompany women across the United States and abroad in reading more, and reading well.

Even if you only read a couple of the books with us this year, realize that you are investing in your own education. When moms read more, everyone reads more!

If you’d like a sneak peek of what the content is like, click here (link) for a free sample.

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