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What is Well-Read Mom

– Well-Read Mom is a book club for women and a way to accompany one another in reading the classics, great books, and timeless spiritual works from the Western and Christian traditions in order to nurture our hearts and our moral imaginations.

– Our desire is to help women read more and read well by choosing excellent books and providing thoughtful resources to guide the readings and monthly discussions. We are passionate about helping women make space for reading and reflection in their daily lives. We aim to create a place where women can come together to share what they are learning through their reading.

What we read

– From My Antonia by American author Willa Cather to Anna Karenina by the Russian giant Leo Tolstoy, our book picks span genres. We read books that push, provoke, and inspire us to dive deeper into the plots of our own lives. Great writers become dear friends and we find ourselves seeing reality through their eyes, imbued with their insights. It’s a beautiful thing.

– We organize our reading by yearly themes and the books we pick are loosely inspired by this theme. At Books page you can see and purchase past titles we’ve read and current ones we’re diving into.

How it works

– Well-Read Mom groups meet all over the country and even abroad. You can search for a group in your area or start a new group (click here to find a group). Groups determine a suitable day of the month, time, and location for their meetings. At the monthly meetings, groups discuss one book and are introduced to the following month’s selection.

– To enrich your reading and discussion of the books, we have created a thoughtful set of resources. The Reading Companion is a booklet filled with author biographies, reflections written by women in the Well-Read Mom community, and discussion questions. Two monthly audios are played at the start and conclusion of each meeting. One audio serves to kickstart the conversation and the second introduces the following month’s selection. Curious? Click Here to download a free sample of these resources.

– We call these lovely resources Member Materials and they can be purchased here. Although it’s fine to participate in a group without purchasing the Member Materials, your experience of the books will be enriched by having them. Also, we are a non-profit so when you join as a member, your contribution funds everything we do. Read more about why membership matters (linked).

There’s more!

– Stop by our blog for inspiring posts, including letters from women in the Well-Read Mom community, Get to Know a Group features, and much more.

Live Events
– Each year we host a conference in St. Paul, Minnesota as well as other live events throughout the country. Would you like to have a Well-Read Mom conference near you? Drop us a line! (Risky, ha!)

Support Us
– Well-Read Mom is a certified 501c3 non-profit organization. Has your life changed for the better since joining Well-Read Mom? Want to help even more women read more and read well? Give a tax-deductible gift today!